Design and manufacturing of stamping dies

For over 40 years, Balzarin has been a point of reference for all that which concerns the design and construction of stamping dies, successfully operating not only in Verona, but also in Vicenza and Trento. The business was begun with excellence by Silverio Balzarin in 1970 and has been run by his sons for the last few years.

The company’s technical department boasts extremely advanced 3D software (such as CATIA), tools perfect for designing and building equipment, created with the experience, dedication and passion which has always set this Veneto company apart.

Balzarin has always believed in the importance of die design research, given that a well designed tool should be both a resource which can evolve for the client as well as a documented activity to add to the company’s list of experiences.

Die design and building phases

  • The design procedure involves total engagement with the client in order to understand his/her necessities, with a particular focus on reducing material wastage, providing clients with a reassuring guarantee that their product is also cost effective.

  • Die building is an activity which requires a high level of specialisation. This Verona based company employees staff with consolidated experience, capable of building dies without any doubts regarding the quality of construction and reducing errors to a minimum.

  • Every component is checked during the die’s assembly and tests are performed in documented stages. A Reverse Engineering process is always utilised, which together with the computerisation of the component’s construction, guarantees component interchangeability.