Balzarin Group

Balzarin Group is located in Verona, Italy and its area of responsibilities include the manufacturing and processing of metal stamping dies. The company is made of two businesses working synergistically.

Thanks to the use of innovative remote communication and planning systems, the two companies are able to work closely together. In this way they share and optimize every single production process improving efficiency.
The result are top-quality products which are able to meet all of the customer’s needs.

Balzarin Srl

The Balzarin Silverio is located in Verona, Italy, manufactures stamping dies and monitors the entire realisation cycle:

  • Project and manufacturing

  • Stamping dies processing

  • Sheet metal stamping

  • Mold maintenance and construction

  • Press automation

  • Sink erosion for the realisation of stamping dies

  • Wash

Eurobea KFT

At Eurobea KFT, which is based in Hungary, we do carry out the sheet metal stamping services including:

  • Cold metal pressing

  • Welding

  • Maintenance and realisation of stamping dies

  • Washing

  • Assembly