Cold pressing of metals

Balzarin group started its cold pressing activity in order to meet warping and precision requirements. Indeed, there are different customers who, contact us in case they need to produce particularly difficult or precise pieces or components which production requires a continuous setup of the mould.

For the cold pressing of metals we do use tools that are exclusively produced in Verona or Hungary.
In this way it is possible to realise the requested finished or semi-finished product.

Thanks to this processing methods we are able to offer all inclusive packages featuring the purchase of the tool (mould) and the production (pressing / moulding), so that the customers don’t need to face problems and issues that are generally related to the use of customized tools and that quite always need to get improved during production phase.

Moreover, our technicians – who also dispose of a high technical sensitivity – do the setup of the tools and carefully follow each phase of the realisation. The mould therefore constantly undergoes improvements and maintenance.
The perfection, which is performed directly by the producer, represents an additional value for the tool.